Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello lovers!
I originally had planned on doing a mani on Sunday so I could blog about it today...
But then THIS happened...

My left thumb's been hurting for the past 3 weeks from crossfit.
I think it's from the medicine balls we've been throwing at the wall...I might have caught it the wrong way
And being a lefty, I use that hand for EVERYTHING!

It was really bothering me last week so I decided to go see a Chinese Massage Therapist
So that's what it looked like when I got home on Saturday.

A drumstick. Chicken tenders. Chicken McNuggets...okay I'll stop.
Needless to say it was painful, and swollen from all the massaging...

I woke up Sunday morning to THIS:

You guys...I have sausage hand....sausage fingers, and sausage patty....
I couldn't touch my thumb to my pinky....and I officially lost sight of my knuckles.
It was THAT swollen...

So I'm sorry friends, I won't be able to paint my nails for a while...

Sausage hand, signing out.

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