Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shine and Shimmery Splendid

I can show you the world....

 Ahhh....that was beautiful...I must say, Aladdin is my all time fave.
Good day, my loves!
Today we have a very random and simple design: 

I used NYC's  Starry Silver Glitter as base (Rite-Aid $0.99 !!)
After about 3 coats of this, the sparkles are evenly distributed on my nails.
This looks like a dupe of something...But I can't recall what it is?
Anyone? Anyone?

This sparkles in this polish reminds me of Britney's diamond body suit for some reason
Minus the blue specks, of course.

Then I added the criss-cross french tip using Revlon's Lunar and Sinful Color's Let's Talk
The black and purple has a Lady Gaga feel to
Looks like I'm subconsciously inspired by these pop queens.

Let's Talk is such a pretty purple!!
Don't you think?

I have a feeling I'll be wearing this colour A LOT for the next little while =D

Hope you liked today's mani! 

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