Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Happy hump day, lovely people of the world!!
Today I have a summer mani for you.

For this mani, I used the following:

China Glaze- For Audrey
NYC- Peaches N' Cream

First, I wrapped the For Audrey filled claws with Peaches N' Cream
NYC polishes come with great brushes, they're perfect for drawing blunt lines like this!
This distinctive peachy creme colour is packed with sophisticated fun! 
It is the perfect colour for summer, in my opinion.

I've been having a heck of a time trying to draw thinner lines...then it dawned on me that maybe I should trim down my brush....gee it only took me forever to figure this out....

You can see the difference immediately between the two brushes!
Now I just have to work on drawing cleaner, and straighter lines.....YAY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did doing it!


I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada to spread the word about their giveaway...and because sharing is caring, here it is! I'm sure you've seen this many-a-times already. But just in case you haven't :
From their press release:
The prize will go to whomever can show that their life will be most impacted by winning Shellac for life. Be it better, or worse. If you or a loved one is still stuck in a world of chips, smudges and wasting countless hours re-doing nails we urge you to take a stand.
Grand prize will go to the best description of how winning a 25 years supply of Shellac will change their life.
Winner selected August 7, 2012.

Have a wonderful day, lovers!


  1. I like the color combo! It's like Dior summer! :D So trendy, you! ;)

  2. TracyBeautyReflectionsJuly 11, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    I love everything you do! EVERYTHING. I gotta go pull out my Audrey polish now!

  3. it's totally summer!!!!!! HAHA me trendy?? NEVARRR!!!!!
    Thanks Larie <3

  4. YESSS!!! It'll simmer down the heat wave you guys stole from us.... -__- (hehe)
    Thank you Tracy <3 that really means a lot!!!!

  5. These are beautiful. I love your nail shape :)

  6. First of all, I love those colors. Second - I'm always so amazed by your patience. I really don't think I could ever sit still long enough to achieve something like this.

  7. awww thank you so much Katie!! If you ask me couple months back whether i'd be able to wear stiletto nails i'd tell you NO! lol and now I dont think i can go back to square ones!!


  8. haha!! Thanks Leah!! I have my TV on in the background....and the only time i look up really is when Ryan Gosling pops up....hahaha

  9. I've already told you how much I love this design... But in case you want a reminder:



  10. Such an AWESOME summer mani!! Totally RAD! hehe <3

  11. no, YOU'RE totally Rad!!! <3 haha thanks Traci