Thursday, July 5, 2012

RAWR Shop- Dress up Nails

Good day, my lovelies!!
Dani from Call It Beauty came over last night and we played dress up....ON HER NAYOS!
She pitched this idea to me last week, inspired from a picture on NailPorn

(Source: Tumblr)

"What if.....we put different shirts on each nail??" Said Dani
...and we did just that! What a great idea that was!!

Here are some close up shots of the shirts. Okay....HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!

Next, I'd like to draw your attention to our new friends:

We were originally going to put bustier tops on the thumbs but they ended up looking like dogs.
So I came up with something just as FIERCE and FABULOUS: 
The Fabulous Twins- Fernando and Ronaldo.

We took forever long to finish this mani because Ryan Gosling was on TV.
...and seriously, can you blame me for getting distracted by this face?...

(Source: Tumblr)

The answer is YES.

As always, we laughed lots, drooled lots (to Ryan Gosling on TV)....oh yea...and we also did some uber cute nail art. =D Now look at her pro posing skills:

Thanks for letting me play dress up on your nails, franks!

Have a wonderful day, you beautiful peoples!



    I seriously can't stop staring at them and I have to restrain myself from running up to strangers, shoving my hands in their face, and yelling: "LOOK AT MY NAILS!"

    You did such an amazing job, fried! I can't wait to come back and have you do my nails again!

    Thank you for cropping out my double chin in the first photo. :p

  2. Oh my god, these are SO CUTE!! /helpless flailing

    !!! :D

  3. oh maii gawwwshhhh that is SO adorableee! <33
    did you ever see ryan gosling in the movie drive? he was so creepy in that movie LOL O___O

  4. Hehehe I am laughing at your hilariousness!! I showed my sister your photos and she said "The shirts need faces above the nail!!" I'm a-following!

  5. These are adorable! I can't find a removable Peter Pan collar so putting them on my nails like this sound like a good idea!

    When I was a kid I was an extra in a movie Ryan Gosling was in before he was really famous. He was already hot back then too :p

  6. This is really cute!!!

  7. so i just had the image of you forcing out your double chin popped into my head. You're so special, Franks. <3

    And please do yell at random strangers, i will make you a sign.

  8. bahhaha every time I see the word "Flail" I think of you! <3 Thanks Rae!!!

  9. yes, i did see him in Drive....he was creepy....but i didn't care....He's still yummy to stare at.....BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Thanks Eileen!! <3

  10. hoh-mah-gah. that's a great idea!!!! HAHAHAHA next time i'll draw heads on the other hand!!!!!! :D

  11. i'm so jealous of you right now. The world is so unfair. I want to be in the vicinity of Ryan I could nevermind.

    lol you should TOTALLY do it!! :) and then show me!!!

  12. Thanks Marijo!!!! I'm so glad you like them!!! :D

  13. This is so cute, you guise!!! You're so pro, Winnie. PRO.

  14. So gorgeous!
    oh Ryan Gosling...I don't think I'll ever tire from looking at him lol

  15. Eeee! I feel a bit as if I've gone and accidentally infected the internet with overly-enthusiastic arm motions (but honestly, that's not such a terrible thing, so it's pretty okay.) :D

  16. awww no way!!!!! Thanks Larie!! I'm so far from pro...but that made my heart happy :D <3

  17. same here...just the thought of him right now makes me happy....HAHAHAH wow....
    mmm....Ryan Gosling.....