Friday, July 6, 2012

Fierce Friday- Pyramid

Hello my beloved peoples!!
Welcome to another Fierce Friday post!!! Could it be? It's going to be a weekly thing...
Now whether I can whip up something FURRS on a weekly basis, we'll have to promises :P

You know,
I love me a good busy-all over the place mani. But sometimes, less is more, no?
I think these lines are again, simplicity at its best.

I used gold acrylic paint over Rimmel London's Black SatinThey look like....pyramids....hence the name
The thumb and ring finger also look like bumble bee butts...bumble butt pyramid? No? K...fine.

Anyway, I am pretty in love with these.
 There is definitely a different bounce in my walk today with this mani on!
Who knew something so simple could be so FURRS?!

Have a fantastic weekend, lovers!!


  1. fierce indeeeeed. i love how you created something AMAZING out of simple lines! i love the gold color you used, it totally gives off a vintage vibe and reminds me of my favorite doorknockers :D

  2. I am so not fierce....but thank you! BAHAHA. Less is definitely MOARRRR!

  3. the important thing is that you saw it...that's all that matters :D Im not crazy...right? yes ok!
    Thanks Leah!

  4. eee! thanks Eileen!! It's amazing what acrylic paint can do huh?

  5. My first thought was that they reminded me of records spinning, so you should find a girl DJ and do her nails haha


    That is all... :)

  7. Absolutely loving this, Winnie! <3

  8. This is definitely fierce!!! Love it!

  9. omgah, great idea!!!!! That would be so perfect!!!!! =O

  10. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Thanks Franks!!! <3