Thursday, July 19, 2012

RAWR Shop- Multi Neon Tips "Hee-Hee"

Happy Thursday, loverlies.
Today at the RAWR Shop, we have a multi-tip mani. Dani always come up with the best ideas! 
Dani named this one "Hee-Hee" because that's all she does when she looks at them! HAHA

There are tons of looks you can achieve with neon and grey/beige. 
Check out DrinkCitra's awesome manis here, here, and here.

To achieve this look, we used the following polishes:

Daisy Nail Lacquer- Sun! Glasses Please.
OPI- Skull & Glossbones
Color Club- Warhol

How come there's sight of any neon pink in this mani? it is!!

We painted the underside a neon pink. Dani says it makes her happy with she sees the pink :)

Have a great day my loves!!



    Seriously, staring at my nails is making me SO happy right now! :D

  2. dope as usual. loveee how you did the undersides!

  3. Thats an amazing idea about the pink, I love the neon and nude trend at the moment! This is lovely :-)

  4. this is fierce! I would have never thought about matching a neutral with neons, but it looks fabulous :)

  5. haha!! I'm glad you like em, franks!! :D

  6. the undersides are so much fun!!!!!! Thanks m'love!! <3

  7. It really is an attention grabber, isn't it!! So much fun! Thanks Linzi! =D

  8. ooo!!! Is it fierce? I like fierce!! hehe Thank you so much!
    The combo really is great isn't it? I think I'll definitely be doing more of this! :)

  9. This is awesome! I love the different tips, the accent, and the underside! I've always wanted to try that, but it seems hard to do...

  10. You could totally rock it, Trac!!! DO IT!!!

    I thought it'd be hard to do too, but it didn't turn out to be too bad!! :D

  11. NEON. I want a highlighter yellow shade, but I bet it will look awful on me, hahaha.