Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NOTD- Skittle IKAT Mani

Hello lovers! Today I am very excited to show you a mani I think I'll be sporting more often.
Neon Skittle IKATs!

It looks complicated but thanks to the power of the interwebs, there are plenty of amazing tutorials available.
The one I saw was tweeted by Rie at Nails and Noms--> here
Somehow it's a lot simpler than I had imagined! YAY!!

So I took a quick look at it, and gave it my own spin. 
To achieve the above look, I used the following:

OPI- Skulls & Glossbones 

Skittle accents:
Color Club- Feelin Groovy, Wild Child, Electro Candy
China Glaze- Flying Dragon (!!)
NYC- Times Square

and black acrylic paint for the black outline.

I am really in love with this....
Like the Paisley print, there are so many variations of the print you can go with....so again!
The possibilities are endless 

I didn't have to do much clean up with this mani....which is always a plus!
I'll definitely be RAWKING this again sometime!

Have a wonderful day, my beautifuls!

I came upon Tutorial Tuesday on Briana's blog post!! What a coincident!!


  1. Eeeee! This is so amazing! Your skills are getting better and better, franka; I'm so proud of you! :')

  2. I'm so in love with those colors! They remind me of the peacocks in my neighborhood. :)

  3. this looks sweet! i'm usually indifferent about skittles but this one is my fave by far!

  4. Winnie!! I am in love with your nails!! These are beautiful!!!! <3

  5. This look incredible! Amazing job!

  6. More neon! I love! So much summer on one hand.

    And I just had a thought. Do you paint your nails seasonally, Winnie? Because fall is coming up, and I love fall shades!

  7. TracyBeautyReflectionsJuly 24, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    WOWZA you keep amazing me! I love it!

  8. <3 thank you franka.....your continuing support is so much appreciated. You're the best <3

  9. I love the peacocks in your neighbourhood!! Thanks Leah!!!

  10. Same here about the skittles, but I guess this time we'll make an exception :P
    Thanks Eileen!!! :D

  11. Thanks Kim!!! I'm so in love with this mani :D

  12. I paint my nails with whatever that feels right at the moment, so yea, i'd say i'm seasonally influenced! I LURVE fall shades too!!!!! and yay for scarves!!

    With that being said, we haven't had much of a summer yet so i refuse to think about fall approaching quickly LOL :P

  13. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Thank you Tracy!!! I really appreciate the love <3

  14. This is wonderfully creative. I just love it.

  15. Thank you SO much, Andra!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! will you be trying this also?? Would LOVE to see it if you do :D