Friday, January 13, 2012

20 Followers! and Fishnet/Lace Nails

EXCITING NEWS! Today I am happy to announce that I have reached 20 followers!!! *awkward jump*
Considering I started out with just 2 (one of them being me), this is a huge accomplishment! lol
So thanks for reading and subscribing to my blogity blog guys!!!
It only gets better from here <3

*cue fireworks*

A special Thank you to Dani @ CallItBeauty for the inspiration to start a blog, and the endless support!!
(regardless of how low my fruit ninja score is)

So for today's mani. We have this lace/fishnet looking (so technical with my naming)
I've been trying to do the lace look without putting actual lace on my nails for a while...
and I think this is the closest I've been to make it look remotely like lace
Fishnets....lace....both sexy, close...right?!

I have a peachy/nude base on from Forever 21. I love their polishes.
Then I used my black nail art polish, and drew criss cross lines (fishnets) across my nails.
To finish it off, I added frillies at the end! 

Here's a breakdown of my frilly making:

These actually look better from far.
I was kind of disappointed after seeing the pictures...because up close it lacks detail.

But see? From a distance, it looks nice!
annnnnd....I took the crossfit mani off last night...but left this guy on:

I couldn't take him off...His face makes me laugh every time I look down....
(I'm easily amused)

I think I need to give him a name.

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