Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loafers & Lace

Hey Guys!
Here is my creation for today. I thought of it on my way home from work....
I used the French maid outfit as inspiration and built from there.

They didn't turn out as good as I would have hoped, but I think it's pretty cute for day to day wear.
I used Revlon's Lunar and Sally Hansen's White
These kind of remind me of these grandpa loafers... I like it! lol

What I was REALLY hoping for was to create some sort "lace looking" design....
So I added on some black dots on the white part as layers

...and another fail...
When you look at it from really really reaaaallllyyyyyy far away, it does sort of look lacey

hehe nail design is still a learning process, but it only gets better from here :)
Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!

-Side note-
I think I'm going to start drawing designs with acrylic paint.
Drawing with nail polish is hardening my brushes...and I find it hard to control my brush and the intensity of stroke.

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