Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dry Marbling With A Twist

HAPPY HUMP DAY! *hip thrust*
It's a miserable day out there....winter is here, with a bang.

Today I decided to try out dry marbling...and then some!
I achieved the marbling with Revlon's Gray Canvas, and  Wind Fall
I love both these colours individually.

Then I drew over top of the dry marble with my purple sparkly nail art polish
Without even thinking about it first, this design came out.

I couldn't recall why this looks so familiar....then I remembered. 
I sort of saw this at the MAC premier party (<--see my post here)

Hehe, minus the naked model of course =P


Well, this turned out WAYYYYY better than the water marbling I did...
HAHAHA Remember that? Yea.....

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