Friday, January 20, 2012

Leopard "RAWR" Nails

Hello lovers!!
Today I have for you my RAWR nails.
I've been working on the leopard print drawing for a while now....and I think I finally figured it out.

For today's mani, I used the following:
XXI's Gold Glitter, Revlon's Copper Penny, Magical Nail (lol) in Black and Copper

First I covered half my nails diagonally with Copper Penny, lined it with Copper Nail art polish, and coat it once over with the Gold Glitter to give it that extra *bling*

I drew the leopard print with the black nail art polish....
I wasn't in LOVE with I thought I'd give my dotting tools a try on my ring finger.
*light bulb*
"ohhhhh!!! So THIS is how they do it!!!!" (cue Montell Jordan)

Yup, I was too lazy to take them all off and redo them with the dotting tool. But from afar, the drawn on leopard print looks nice too....see?

Anyway, I like this mani so much I made a new banner out of it...hehe


Boy oh boy! I think it's time for....

I really struggled with my inner self on Wednesday because it was snowy and I didn't want to drive on the highway to go to crossfit.
But thanks to the power of TWITTER. I was convinced that I NEED TO GO!
I was still sore from calves were screaming for mama.
But I made it there!

For warm up we did: 400m run, 10 pull ups, 10 burpees, 10 kettle bell swings, and couple of tire flips.
So I was pretty dead after that. THEN came the actual thing
We started with 500m of rowing. Then, in the reps of 5>10>15>10>5 we had to do the following:
Squats with kettle bells, and strict burpees
Then we finish off with 250 jump ropes

Half way through I was getting cramps, and couldn't breath. 
So I had to stop and make constipation faces at the coach.
I finished second last again...and today (2 days later)...I still can't walk properly.
I better be HAWT after this lol

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