Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheap things make me happy....

Hello Lovers!
It's been a while since I share with you my cheap here it is!

Just this past weekend, I went down to the states (Bellingham) and found this pair of boots

I found them in Charlotte Russe

Here is the link to the exact pair on their website: CLICK ME
They were the right colour, the right size, and get this...... it was $15!!
Without even thinking about it, I bought them....after doing a victory dance in the store of course.

They had a ton of shoes for $15...especially boots.
From flat to wedges, they even have those other the knee high heel boots
However, in order to pull that off, one would require long legs, and walking skills. To which NONE I possess. So I opt for this one.

I left the store a VERY happy girl

So today, I wore the boots with my H&M cream sweater with stripes, and my XXI scarf

I want to show you the rings I bought from Ebay a while back!
They're so cute....

The best part?
They're $1.60 each + free shipping....

Get yours HERE and HERE

that's all, folks!

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