Thursday, January 12, 2012

My CrossFit Assessment Experience...on my nails

I know you're waiting anxiously for my post about yesterday's CrossFit experience...
Ready for the ultimate whinage?


So I was really nervous going into this, considering the fact that I can't remember the last time I worked out.
I did yoga...but I knew that it's nothing compared to what I was about to endure.

What is CrossFit? 
It is a strength and conditioning brand. 
CrossFit combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics (Source: web)

I only did the assessment yesterday. Which wasn't even the full workout.
This was my face, THE WHOLE TIME
The coach was super nice, and encouraging...but I was secretly cursing his name in my head
...over and over and over again...

This was the workout he put me through:
500m row
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 tucked elbow push ups
10 PULL UPS AKA death

The rowing, squats and sit ups were okay....I got tired pretty quickly....
The push ups.
He made me tuck my elbows in...and I had to touch my chest to the ground for it to count as 1
There was a point where my chest touched the ground and I didn't get back up. The floor never felt so great.
Then came the pull ups.
Which inspired today's mani...and in case it wasn't clear enough...

I had trouble REACHING the monkey bars standing on the blocks in the first place.
THEN I HAD TO PULL MYSELF UP?! With the assistant band of course.
He didn't count it if my chin wasn't above the bars. *ugly cry*

Coach: That's it! You're done! Don't you feel great?
Me: Oh, thanks! I think I'm going to go to my car and cry now.

He laughed....but I wasn't joking
I couldn't feel my arms. I had trouble reaching for the seatbelt. I couldn't get changed...
Apparently, what I did was just the warm up. People who go to crossfit regularly do them in 7 minutes...
I did them in 14....HAHA FAIL!

In case you're wondering....I did the mani with these.
(Sidenote: heh Magic Nail....Just one. lol and see CAT in the back?)

But yes, I loved my ugly face so much, I had a little fun with it.

hahaha, I could do this all day!

The verdict?
I'm going back....on Monday.....haha, YAY CROSSFIT!!!

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