Tuesday, November 15, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 10: Grandient

Hello Tuesday!!
Today is the 10th day of my 31 day challenge- Gradient Nails!!
The challenge has been consuming my after work life...all I could think of yesterday was:
I gotta get home quick, so I could finish the gradient and catch the last bit of day light.
Yes I know...I'm lame.

Seriously though, it gets dark at around 430-500 now...it's hard to photograph without proper lighting.
Okay I'm almost done whinning.

For today's challenge, I used the following:
Revlon- Lunar, Royal. XXI, and some chinese brand

I also used a baby blue polish that I picked up from the dollar store to do some blending...no name lol
I decided to go with blue, because I really wanted to try out my Royal from Revlon.

So here is the first attempt with just Royal, the Chinese polish, and the baby blue dollar store polish:

It's super messy around the cuticles...I was rushing to catch the light, and cleaned best I could. 
Clearly it was not enough lol

Then I added the glitter/metallic polish from XXI on the top:

Don't know why this one turned out so yellow.

Then! I decided to experiment. 
So I took off the polishes, and redid the gradient with Lunar on the bottom as base.
and then I premixed Royal with the XXI glitter polish and sponged it on.

Didn't turn out too horrible. But I think I like the ones without the glitter the most!

That's it for today, folks!
Tomorrow we do POLKA DOTS....EXCITEMENT!

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