Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NOTD- Gold Digger

I know, I know....I'm supposed to do the first day of nail challenge. 
But I did this yesterday and I was really happy with i'll post the nail challenge tomorrow!

This looks similar to my other nail post. But the colours are different, and they are achieved differently.
I used Forever 21's black/gold polish, gold sparkles, Revlon's Copper penny, and a clear coat

(sorry about the crappy picture quality...I need an actual camera, I know)
I found this sponge thing in the office...
Since I'm too cheap and lazy to buy REAL makeup sponges...I use this lol

It's basically just layering one after another, real simple. But they sure look great!
Then off I went to have dinner with my loves

Ceci bought me an ICE CREAM CAKE!!!
I was fed, and drinks were good...
:) I'm happy

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