Thursday, November 10, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 8: Metallic

Why Hello!
Every girl has to own at least ONE metallic polish.
I just happen to own a lot...

I am in LOVE with Revlon's Metallic line "Copper Penny"

This colour is subtle, and classy. 
It doesn't scream for attention, yet it catches your eyes just under the right lighting.
So for my challenge today, I picked this as my feature.
I decided that I'm not going to just go for a simple manicure...because I have to redeem myself...
So I went with the butt cheeks. (what's the proper name for this? lol)

...and for the base colour...
I used Revlon's "Wind Fall"

This is such a pretty colour...I picked it up yesterday at the Revlon Outlet (will get into that later)
Here are more shots I took of the original butt cheeks.

I feel like Rhianna's We Found Love should be playing in the background

The colour combination reminds me of peacocks...
some of my friends say it looks Egyptian, and another said it's a tribute to Boba Fett
Isn't it amazing where our imagination takes us?

Oh but of course I didn't just end there...

I started outlining the edges.

But I decided that it was too cartoon looking
So I layered another coat of Copper Penny on...

All done!

I like this!! I think I'll attempt the peacock design on my next try!!

It seems that the magic is back

NOW! On to another very exciting note...
If you live in the Vancouver, BC area- You HAVE TO know about this place.
It's the Revlon Outlet Store in Surrey. On King George and 104 ish?
Their classic & new colours Revlon polishes are 3 for $5 and Top Speed/Scented ones are 2 for $5
Needless to say...I went crazy in there...

Right to left- 
Wind Fall, Royal, Red Hot Tamale, Plum Night, Crushed Crimson

I had to put back so made me sad...
But I only spend $10 (plus tax) on 5 Revlon polishes! Yay me! Right?

*freaks out*


I love you.
Please sponsor my nail polish addiction.

Sincerely, ME

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