Thursday, November 17, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 12: STRIPES!

*dramatic sigh*
Thanks to Vancity Buzz, my blog hit an all time high on views yesterday!!
<insert happy dance here>

Hello friends!
Today marks the 12th day of the 31 day nail challenge. 
aka. my most favouritest day of the challenge thus far.
(okay, i know favouritest isn't a word...but it's the most fitting in this case)

As you may already know, I am in love with stripes...not just on nails...on everything!
This design took me over hour and a half to accomplish...but I'd say it was time well spent.

For today's challenge, I used the following:
XXI- Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Nude 
Sally Hansen- White 
Revlon- Royal, Wind Fall, Copper Penny, Lunar

I bought the XXI Metallic Blue and Nude happy!!
I've been looking for the perfect beige polish for a really long time...and I think this one might be it :)
It's really close to the pinky beige I had, but this one has shimmer and no pink undertone. PERFECT.

So I used a thin brush to brush on all the colours in no specific order or pattern.
All free hand.
I then separate each colour with the black nail art polish.
As you can probably see...I'm pretty proud of myself....
HAHA this is probably the second time in my life where I feel accomplished.

With flash:

Under regular light: phone picture:

I think this may very well be my best one yet....I want this design on a shirt....
I would so wear it.

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