Friday, November 25, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 17: Glitter

aww guys, remember this movie?

Yea, me either.
(...I secretly love that movie...shhh)

Today is day 17 of my 31 day nail challenge- Glitter!
I despise taking off glitter nail my glitter polish collection is very slim.
So I decided to do today's challenge with a twist.
I used:
Black Nail art polish
XXI- Gold Glitter
Revlon- Copper Penny, Royal

First I painted my whole nail with Royal.
Then I used masking tape to tape up the V, because I'm classy like that.
After all the taping is done, I sponge on the copper penny, 
then go over the V with couple coats of Gold Glitter
and VOILA!

to make the V pop MOAR! I lined it with my black nail art polish.

This design is kindda hard to photograph...
because, I wanted to use the flash on the camera to capture how the glitter reflects
but when I do that, it picks up the blue, and make the black REALLY awkward...

With flash:

Regular lighting:

Camera Phone:

in case you guys are wondering, it looks WAY better in person...haha
Have a good weekend, folks!

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