Tuesday, November 8, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 6: Violet

This is Wet N Wild's "Night Prowl"
It is a black base, loaded with violet glitter. SO PRETTY!

I haven't had much luck with Wet N' Wild...the formula was inconsistent when I tried it...
So one day I read on someone's blog...about how the Wet N' Wild polish's new formula is awesome!

So I thought I'd give it another try

They have WAY more selection now, and the colour are all so pretty!
I'm still not very happy with the turn out...however.
In order for it to look completely covered, I had to be REALLY generous with the coating
and once they dry, they have these bumps....NOT AIR BUBBLES....but bumps

Fine. I then load on the top coat...hours later, the bumps re-appear

I'm not sure if it's got something to do with the way I applied it? or? 
But I know I won't be buying another bottle of WNW polish

But look how pretty the colour is....
The pictures really don't do them justice...because the way it catches and reflects the light is amazing.
It's kind of like...  "I'm here...but I'm not really here *rawr*"

I think I'll try to find ways to work this polish...
the colour is WAY too pretty for it to go to waste!

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