Thursday, November 24, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 16: Tribal Print

oo-ga-cha-ga... oo-ga-cha-ga...
Oh hello! I was so busy chanting, I didn't see you there.
HURRAH! Today is the 16th day of my 31 day nail challenge

Tribal print, says lines and dots and squiggly things to me. So here we are!
I used the following items:
Black and white nail art polish
Revlon- Copper Penny, Royal, Wind Fall
Rimmel- Pop Apricot

I wanted to do a disco tribal...because....well because I can.
So I sponged on the colours in random:
This actually has a bit of rustic feel to it, because of the copper penny.
Now we can all go back to the 80's and have a rustic dance party.

I'm not sure why,
 but I had Dirty Radio's Ground Shake playing in my head the whole time I was doing the sponging:

I am quite happy with the way the colours turned out! I might just wear that as a mani on its own one day.
After the sponging, I added on lines:

I thought that the triangles on my index finger wasn't defined enough so I added white to it.

There you have it. Squiggly lines, and dots, and other things or what not :D

Now back to chanting...
oo-ga-cha-ga... oo-ga-cha-ga...

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