Friday, November 4, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 2 ORANGE

ooo....I actually used a camera this time...aren't you proud?
Today is day 2 of my nail challenge- ORANGE!
I wanted something more than just a solid colour so I went with 2 shades blend.

This reminds me of that slushy drink...

I used REVLON's Make Mine Mango and Tangerine

I love both these colours individually

I wanted to go for a more autumn orange for my challenge today...but I don't have one in my collection.
So I thought I'd go and buy one...but traffic didn't work in my favour yesterday...
I think this looks fab =D

I used my trusty sponge to dab on the orange after I apply Make Mine Mango on the bottom
Make sure that there is a generous coat of orange on top of the coral shade.
Then, apply top coat to smooth out the surface, and blend.


=D hope you like it!!
What's your favourite shade of orange?

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