Monday, November 14, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 9: Rainbow

Why hello! Hope everyone had a good long weekend.
Today is the 9th day of the 31 day nail challenge-- RAINBOW NAILS
I thought long and hard on what to do for this one...Going into the design, all I knew was:
I'm not going to do stripes, I'm not going to do stripes, I'm not goi...crap %$#@
I guess I'm doing


For this look I used the following:
Revlon's Red Hot Tamale, Tangerine, Maybelline #631, Wind Fall, Royal, and Passion Fruit

This look was achieved by using coats and coats of the polishes mentioned above. Painted on with a thin paint brush I picked up from the Dollar's amazing the stuff you could find there....


You're probably wondering the same thing I was at the time...
"what's up with the index finger, woman?"
Well I thought...Rainbow comes after the rain right?...well that nail is suppose to represent the crappy weather we've been having the past coupla days in Vancouver...
(it made sense in my head)
Sexy right? I know.
So I put a coat of Revlon's Smoky Canvas on...
But after everything, it just looks like I forgot to paint that nail...(way to go Winnie!)

I dressed the naked nail up....gawd I love Picnik

But wait! There's more!
 I thought this was kind of cute...I could almost get away with saying that I actually had design on that nail 
Okay, enough of Picnik fun.

Back to actually painting the nails.
I didn't just end there with the rainbow nail design...I then added fluffy clouds to each nails

Triple Rainbow! What does it mean? It's so intense!!
*ugly crying face*

This was mega fun!
Although next time I think I will actually paint all 5 nails lol
I think you all should know that....while I was doing my nails, I was humming this song:

Well, that's it boys and girls. Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did!
Looking forward to tomorrow's assignment: GRADIENT NAILS!

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